and her exploits in the world of hand crafted beer…..

Hop Walk Worcestershire

So after an eventful weekend MrMelwood and I headed off to Worcestershire for the annual Hop Walk at Stocks Farm in Suckley. This event is organised by Charles Faram & Co and Stocks Farm owners Richard & Ali Capper.
MrMelwood was attending a hop training day the day before the hop walk so we decided to travel down on the Monday night. We booked a hotel in Great Malvern and I had plans to mosey round the sights and attractions there whilst MrMelwood went on his training day as there was only one place available. No problem for me I had a good time by myself looking around Malvern. Although it’s only a small town there’s an old Priory and a museum and a few independent shops to look round and the weather was amazing.
MrMelwood returned buzzing about the training day. Mr Melwood thought it was a brilliant training day; he learned lots and really enjoyed himself by all accounts. Hopefully this will make us better brewers – when he passes his knowledge on to me – and we’ll make better beers made with more English Hops.

So on to the Hop Walk day….
I think this event was held on the hottest day of the year! Oh my giddy aunt it was hot! But it was glorious!
The event was held in a huge marquee which needed to have the sides opened up due to the heat. There was a lovely lunch laid on and beers-a-plenty for tasting!
Presentations from the guys at Charles Faram and Ali Capper et al were interesting and informative and the overall message was received loud and clear – WE NEED TO USE BRITISH HOPS! We need to support the hop growers in this country, simple. It’s something MrMelwood have been trying to do since we started and although a number of our beers are made with American Hops, if these can be grown in OUR country then all the better for us!

After the presentations we were free to go on the Hop Walk. Basically walking round Stocks farm looking at the hop growing process and the hops in the field. Despite the heat and the dust (my feet were filthy!) we had a great time seeing it all in action and as the pictures show me and MrMelwood got pretty redfaced……..Picture 1338 Hop Fields or Fields of Hope?!

Picture 1349 Mr Melwood in his element!

Picture 1348

Picture 1346Picture 1345Picture 1343Picture 1342Picture 1341

The Hop Picking Machine!
Picture 1351Picture 1350Picture 1352

The cooling room! Cool? I think not!Picture 1354
Picture 1355RED FACE!Hop field

If you would like to contact Charles Faram who supply us with our hops here is their website:

and Stocks Farm, Suckley can be contacted via

Thank you to both for your hospitality and interesting presentations.


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