and her exploits in the world of hand crafted beer…..

August in review, diamonds ARE a girl’s best friend and beer; dont forget the beer

Whoa!! Another month has gone by since I last blogged!!! I just don’t know where this time is going!!!!

Probably because we’ve been so busy and I haven’t noticed it already getting to the end of August, the end of summer and the brewery becoming cold again.

On a really good note, Diamonds ARE a girl’s best friend again! I got my engagement ring back from the jewellers who were replacing the stone.  It isn’t the same diamond and they’ve slightly adjusted the ring (so the stone doesn’t come free again I expect) but it’s back and sparkling on my third finger, left hand again:


Mr M & I went darn Landan (went down to London) at the end of July so see two concerts by Grateful Dead legend Phil Lesh at the 02 arena.  We had a lovely two days away and we travelled First Class – only because it was just as cheap as standard – and enjoyed some sightseeing and R&R whilst we were there!

IMG_4630 IMG_4634 IMG_4627 IMG_4626 IMG_4620 IMG_4619










Since coming back we have been so busy with deliveries, more deliveries and er… more deliveries!!

I’ve been stung by a wasp (OUCH!):






And I’ve had an allergic reaction to yeast of all things (OUCH!)!:






Not a good allergy for a brewer to have is it!

Anyway it’s gone down now and I don’t look so ‘Lesley Ash’ anymore.


We’ve been getting loads of great feedback about our beer and orders are on the up.  We can’t make enough, quickly enough to get it out there! Expansion might be on the cards but I don’t know how or when.

So that’s about it for the time being my friends so I’ll sign off with a few more piccys for your perusal!

Salut! and keep drinking real ale and keep supporting local pubs! xxxx

Melwood IMG_4791 Knowsley Blonde IMG_4790 IMG_4823 IMG_4806 IMG_4789 IMG_4804 IMG_4793 IMG_4760 IMG_4756 citradelic 5.1










Photo 20-07-2014 18 12 41 Photo 20-07-2014 14 53 26 Photo 20-07-2014 14 43 46

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Melwood Expansion!

office1 office 2 office3


Yesterday we worked hard. Really hard.  Took delivery of 40 sacks of grain (malt) which had to be carried into the brew house one by one. Thank goodness I had the help of our son John to do this despite his injury to his foot he worked like a trooper to get things done.

Because we will be brewing more and we have more casks we have moved the office area out of the brew house so that it is what it should be – a brew house.  Thankfully we have been able to acquire a proper office on the Stanley Grange site in Knowsley Park, very close to the brewery and this also has loads of storage room within it too! It is also nice and warm so in between brewing we can use the office to do our paperwork and sales stuff – and have meetings!  Its made a huge difference not having the desk, chairs, filing cabinets and our portable bar in the brew house and young John and I were able to move the brew house about to enable Stan to finish the last of the plumbing required for FV3 (fermenter No.3)

We had  wooden staging that John Aspinall used in the Cambrinus brewery down one wall which needed to be moved to put the fermenters in position.  So John and I moved this and 40 odd casks that were on it onto the other wall, moved the heavy workbench under it and replaced all the casks back on top. Mr Melwood arrived to help move the fridges but John and I did the heavy work.

We then had the first meeting in ‘Melwood Office’ with a new distributer we may work with.  It feels like things are moving so fast round here at the moment but it needed to happen so that we can get back to brewing asap!

It was a lovely day yesterday.  The sun was shining and John and I took ourselves for a lunchtime walk around the estate and its looking magnificent. We are so glad we are able to work in such a lovely place you know, many breweries are located on industrial estates in tin units with little character, we appreciate our surroundings every day!

So we are paying for it today, young John and I; our arms and backs are aching but we had such a huge sense of achievement after doing what we did yesterday and now we are ready to resume brewing on Sunday!

I will update how that goes on Sunday……





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