and her exploits in the world of hand crafted beer…..

Efficiency in the brew process

I thought I’d blog a little today to tell you a little bit about the improvements we’ve made to our kit so that it makes the process is much more efficient.

The mash tun (the big tank that we add liquor (water) and grain to) was made by a guy who takes massive old dairy pipes, cuts them up and welds them into anything you want.  When we commissioned our mash tun we asked for a false bottom ledge to be put in so we could put our false bottom on it to separate the extracted grain from the wort (the liquid made up of liquor and grain sugars). As we were new to the brewing game we trusted that the guy would make the ledge at the right height.  However for months afterwards using the kit it was apparent that we were losing so much wort because the ledge was too high.  So over the Christmas break we had the false bottom ledge lowered and strengthened by Stan (Jedi Master brewer and stainless steel welder extraordinaire).

This has made a huge difference to the efficiency of the brew process and because the new false bottom is working so well we are now much quicker brewers!  The transfer to the boiler is uber quick now, so much so that (although we had an extra early 7am start on Sunday) we were finished brewing at 1pm and Mr M was able to get home to see the match on Sunday afternoon.

So we are getting better at this brewing thing.  But you know you only learn through doing and seeing what needs changing.  We can brew so much more for your delectation and enjoyment!

We are having some more improvements made very soon and I’ll tell you about those soon….

For now keep drinking real ale and supporting your fab real ale pubs!

Salut! xxx

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Belated Happy New Year from Melwood Beer Co!!!

Where did January go??

It’s been busy for Melwood – not on the brewing front, although we are making amends for that now – but because we’ve been having work done on the Mash Tun.  It’s been needing doing for a while now so we had it done at the beginning of the month to allow us to brew much more efficiently.  I’m happy to report that it has done just that and our brew days are now not only more efficient but are considerably shorter!

Other news:

We have new casks!!! Yahoo!!! 110 of them! Stainless steel ones! This will double our brewing capacity going forward and mean we can supply more beer to our fabulous existing customers and enable us to get beer into new pubs so you can delight in it too!













We’ve also been busy tidying the brewery; making sure that everything has it’s place and cleaning like mad!

cleanbrew        tidyoffice


We are back to brewing now and we’ll be busy bringing you new beers and ‘old’ favourites (core beers – Knowsley Blonde, Stanley Gold, Father Ted etc)




Our new Beer: Paleface


I hope to report some good news in the coming weeks but in the meantime keep drinking real ale and supporting our pubs!









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